Embryo Phenotyping

Approximately 30% of all knockout mouse models are embryonic lethal or postnatal subviable.  Through our Mouse Embryo Phenotyping Service we offer a range of validated phenotyping services that focus on establishing the window of viability of genetically modified mouse embryos, as well as identifying the potential causes of lethality/subviability.  Our extensive experience, professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to offer a wide variety of assays for our customers. 

Viability Screen

We use time-mated dams and collect embryos at specific gestation days (e9.5, e12.5, e15.5, e18.5) to determine the viability window of embryo lethal mouse models (includes genotyping of yolk sacs and resorptions, and calculation of homozygous ratio).

To learn more about our Embryo Phenotyping Services, contact our customer service department today at mbp@ucdavis.edu