Bioinformatics and Analytics

The Mouse Biology Program bioinformatics and analytics team has direct experience with mouse model research data analysis and transformation.

The bioinformatics group designs and maintains systems for high throughput genotyping and phenotyping, including data collection, data export, hosting, automated visualization and analysis, dynamic web presentation, and publication quality reporting. For large scale projects we can provide custom reporting and visualization as well as a complete API to feed data into your existing systems.

The analytics group provides a variety of services to get the most out of your research. We assist researchers in selecting the relevant phenotype tests that best characterize the behavioral, motor, sensory, metabolic and morphological consequences caused by gene modification. We design high throughput, time and cost-efficient  phenotype assessment tests, administered by highly trained staff using standardized and validated protocols. We provide support for data analysis and interpretation including:

  • tests to evaluate normality of distribution and homogeneity of variance
  • data transformation if required
  • screening of biological and statistical outliers
  • descriptive statistics
  • linear and mixed model analysis
  • parametric and non parametric tests for continuous or categorical data analysis
  • area under the curve calculations
  • graphing of data using boxplots, scatter plots, bar and line graphs, etc.
  • materials and methods write-up
  • summary and interpretation of test results

Please contact us to at to learn more about how our experienced team can provide high quality analytics from existing systems or create custom systems to best meet your research goals.