Industry Partnerships

The Mouse Biology Program has a solid reputation of collaborating with biotech companies looking for research partners.  If you are looking for a research lab that nurtures a culture of innovation, cross-disciplinary ideas and collaboration, the Mouse Biology Program is available to help.  Our program is dedicated to partnerships and collaborations with other universities, governments, foundations, industry and global research enterprises.  Our industry relationships have the objective to further the scientific development of next-generation rodent models in support of translational research that aim to improve human and animal health. To learn more about how MBP can help you with your research venture, email us at

We value our industry partners.  Recent industry projects include:


GemPharmatech and UC Davis Mouse Biology Program announced an agreement in April 2021 for UC Davis Mouse Biology Program to provide services to re-animate, cryopreserve and ship live mice to GemPharmatech customers in the US.

GemPharmatech Logo


With Verndari, we are providing the preclinical testing for their COVID-19 vaccine candidate.  This collaboration illustrates one of the many ways we can assist biotech companies using our expertise and facilities.

Revata Solutions

As a startup, Ravata Solutions reached out to the MBP to further test and validate its first-in-class and award-winning Ravata Individual Zygote Electroporator (RIZE) technology which enables gene editing of rodent embryos in a fully automated system.

Ravata Solutions