Here at the Mouse Biology Program (MBP), we have extensive experience with mouse breeding and colony management. Our trained professional staff can assist you with devising and implementing a breeding plan to generate the cohort or mouse model your research requires.

Back-Crossing by Speed Congenic Breeding

MBP offers background strain analysis using universal genotyping arrays, which can be utilized to shorten the number of generations of back-crossing required to achieve a true congenic strain. After each round of breeding, we sample the transgenic offspring and perform analysis to determine which of them have the highest percentage of the desired (recipient) strain. We then make recommendations for which offspring to select for breeding in the next round. We recommend screening more animals in the earlier generations (N2/N3) as this process is highly dependent on the number of mice tested and analyzed. Following this testing scheme, a congenic line can be established by N5 or N6,  (1.5 years) compared to traditional back-crossing that requires at least ten generations and approximately three years of breeding.

If you are interested in our Speed Congenic or background strain analysis services, please contact our project management team at or call us at 530-754-MOUSE.