Animal Health Reports for the Mouse Biology Program's Barrier-Maintained Mouse Facilities

Bioinformatics and Analytics

The Mouse Biology Program bioinformatics team has direct experience with mouse model research. The group designs and maintains systems for high throughput genotyping and phenotyping, including data collection, hosting, visualization, and analysis, dynamic web presentation, and publication quality reporting.


Here at the Mouse Biology Program (MBP), we have extensive experience with mouse breeding and colony management. Our trained professional staff can assist you with devising and implementing a breeding plan to generate the cohort or mouse model your research requires.


At the MBP, our cryopreservation and recovery services program provides you with the peace of mind and assurance that your research investment is protected. Our new advances in reproductive technologies allow us to cryopreserve and recover your mouse strains rapidly, reliably, and most important, cost-effectively.


The MBP offers a variety of services for mouse genotyping, customized to meet the needs of our clients.

Systems Administrator 3

JOB ID #: 31899 Salary Range: $68,200/yr. - $136,900/yr. (Budgeted Salary Range is $68,200/yr. - $102,000/yr.) Appointment Type: Career Direct Link: Systems Administrator 3 Apply By: March 27th, 2022 Under direction of the Asst. Director of Information Services (IS), participate in all systems administration, network administration, and helpdesk related activities within the Mouse Biology Program at UC Davis (MBP). Provide advanced systems administration for MBP users, computers, and virtualized servers. Provide…Read more

Applications Programmer 2

JOB ID #: 31822 Salary Range: $23.66/hr. - $47.51/hr. (Budgeted Salary Range is $23.66/hr. - $35.58/hr.) Appointment Type: Career Direct Link: Application…Read more

Applications Programmer 2/3 (two positions)

JOB ID #: 31329, 31331 Salary Range: $60,800 - $122,100 Appointment Type: Career Direct Link: Applications Programmer 2 / Applications Programmer 3 Apply…Read more

Return to Full Operations

Return to full operations.  While taking all necessary precautions to avoid the omicron virus, the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program…Read more

Annual Stakeholder Report 2020-2021

Launching the Next Decade of Service This past year (2020-2021) marks 22 years since the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program…Read more