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In the "Additional Information" field, please add a detailed description of your project goals. If you require KO mouse generation, please be sure to indicate the gene, and whether you require a global KO or a conditional KO and the mouse background required. Please also indicate if you require a tag or reporter. If you require a targeted knock-in mouse model please indicate the gene details and any information you may know about the promoter. If you require a transgenic mouse, such as for over expressing a gene, humanizing a mouse or a Cre-expressing mouse, etc., please outline the project goals in as much detail as possible. If you would like your mouse strain archived or re-derived, please let us know the strain name, mouse background and whether you require homozygous or heterozygous strain archiving/rederivation. If you would like your mouse strain resuscitated, please indicate the nature of the archive (sperm or embryos) and where the archive is currently located, such as at your institution, the MBP, a vendor, or a collaborator’s institution. If you require genotyping, please indicate the type of genotyping required and the tissues to be genotyped (mouse tissue, ES cells, DNA etc.) If you require mouse breeding, please outline the details of existing mouse line (if any) and the goals of your project. If you require phenotyping, please provide as much information as possible on your project goals. If you are attempting to replicate results or tests in a particular publication, please reference the journal article. We will contact you to discuss your project in detail and provide a full quote and project proposal before you are obligated to provide any payment information.