MBP Administrative

The Division of MBP Administrative handles all administrative aspects of the program – Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Billing, Accounts Receivable, and site-based Personnel activities. MBP Grant administration is coordinated by The Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM).

Phenotyping & Analytics

The Division of Phenotyping & Analytics provides services that benefit investigators using genetically-altered mice. Most activities are performed within the MBP Phenotyping Center. This group also coordinates the logistics of any services outsourced to other areas, such as the Comparative Pathology Laboratory.

Vivaria and Veterinary Care

The Division of Vivaria and Veterinary Care provides a variety of unique services, including rederivation, specialty microsurgeries and procedures, veterinary diagnostics, treatment, preventative medicine, colony management, and mutant mouse shipping and handling, making the MBP the only advanced resource for the oversight and care of genetically-altered mice on campus.

Laboratory Operations

The Division of Laboratory Operations combines the key mutant mouse production elements of the MBP into a cohesive and highly coordinated operational unit represented by three laboratories:

  • Murine Stem Cell Laboratory (MSCL) provides homologous recombination and gene targeting in ES cells, ES cell line creation, expansion and maintenance, and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell cloning.
  • Murine Genetic Engineering Laboratory (MGEL) provides targeting and transgenic vector design, construction, and genotypic analysis of vectors, Embryonic Stem (ES) cells, and mutant mice.
  • Murine IVF, Cryopreservation Microinjection Laboratory (MICM) offers transgenic, whole body and conditional knockout, knockin, and knockdown mutant mouse model creation, germplasm preservation, analysis, and assessment, specialized artificial reproductive (IVF, ICSI) services and techniques, as well as cryoarchiving, cryobanking, and cryorecovery services.

Information Services

The Division of Information Services coordinates MBP operational support. These areas include:

  • Information Technologies involve database and server management, web services, systems administration, hardware, and software support.
  • Marketing and Outreach who coordinates media inquiries, social media, trade shows, and program-related collateral production.

Repository and Project Management

The Division of Repository and Project Management (RPM) operates our biorepository, provides complete customer service, performs billing and recharge for services rendered, and manages all material importation and exportation processes throughout the MBP.

  • Repository Information Management is responsible for the ongoing curation of repository holdings for the MMRRC as well as inventory management, ensuring accurate reporting in the inventory database, proper functioning of freezers and associated equipment, and training on cryo safety for all employees that work in the cryo freezers for safe and efficient archiving and distribution of mouse models.
  • Project Coordination staff support customer and program services by receiving orders, coordinating services with core laboratories, maintaining customer communications on order progress, coordinating imports and exports with couriers and internal and external laboratory staff, and billing at project milestones and completion.
  • Project Managers support custom and complex orders by providing a single, highly knowledgeable point of contact for any combination of laboratory services, offering guidance, technical assistance, and initiating projects.