Cryopreservation Services


     Mice: The benefits of germplasm cryoarchiving include

  1. Protects against adventitious disease, pathogen contamination, genetic contamination, genetic drift, breeding failure and other hazards inherent in live breeding colonies
  2. Preserves valuable lines indefinitely
  3. Reduces maintenance expenses and work loads, allowing one to optimize vivarium space for active research mouse colonies
  4. Facilitates rederivation into specific pathogen free (SPF) vivaria (e.g., barrier facilities)
  5. Simplifies shipping and handling, enabling distribution, sharing and exchange of mutant mouse lines 

 We offer germplasm (sperm and embryo) cryopreservation services. Please see our fees page for additional information. 


Cryostorage Services


The Mouse Biology Program (MBP) maintains a split archive of frozen materials held in liquid and vapor nitrogen tanks. All tanks are attached to bulk nitrogen source tanks with automated filling systems. In addition, a continuous alarm monitoring system will alert facility personnel for temperature or liquid nitrogen levels outside the stipulated range.



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